Mediation is usually achieved in a matter of hours.

Business Disputes



When it comes to commercial and business disputes, much depends upon the mediator’s skill and commitment to the mediation process. It is wise to note that in Texas, not all mediators are attorneys. The fact that Mary Adams-Moe is an attorney devoted to the practice of mediation can be a tremendous advantage in helping you navigate through what is oftentimes a stressful process.  Mary has years of experience as a manager and individual contributor in both large international corporations and small local start-up companies and so understands business disputes from multiple perspectives. 


Through skilled techniques and a pragmatic, common sense approach, Mary guides parties to a place of common ground and understanding. A win-win result is often achieved because the agreement is satisfactory to all parties. This enables businesses and organizations to move forward more effectively, unhampered by unresolved problems or unclear agreements.


By addressing conflicts at an early stage before litigation is considered, parties can often reach a solution or compromise that preserves the relationship and of course, costs far less than litigation.


Mediation has another important advantage. It increases the control parties have over the resolution. In a court case, control resides with the judge or jury and may take months or years to resolve. Mediation is usually achieved in a matter of hours. What’s more, results stand the test of time. Research shows that people are more likely to follow through with a mediated agreement and are less likely to engage in future litigation.


In short, mediation makes good business sense. So don’t let conflict and uncertainty damage your business or organization another day. Take that first step. Call now and make an appointment. It may be one of the most important calls you ever make.

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