Ninety-five percent of litigated family law cases can be settled before trial.

Family Disputes



Growing up a middle child in a large family, Mary often quips that she was an experienced mediator by the time she was in grade school. This innate talent for mediation combined with legal expertise makes her a natural choice for parties wishing to avoid costly and emotionally draining court battles.


Whether a lawsuit has already been filed or you are trying to avoid one, Mary will work with you to find common ground on a wide variety of family issues from complex divorce resolution to the modification of existing orders for child support or visitation. 


The fact is, ninety-five percent of litigated family law cases can be settled before trial. When you factor in the risks and costs of resolving your dispute before a judge or jury, mediation is a welcome alternative. Studies have shown that parents who reach a mediated agreement are much more likely to feel that they have secured what is best for themselves and their children.


In disputes involving Home Owner Associations, Community Groups and Churches, Mary understands the importance of reestablishing the trust between members while mediating the dispute.


It is wise to note that in Texas, not all mediators have to be attorneys. The fact that Mary is an attorney devoted to the practice of mediation can be a tremendous advantage in helping you navigate through what is oftentimes a stressful the process. And in cases where a lawsuit has already been filed, Mary is adept at working hand in hand with council toward a final and satisfactory result.


You will find Mary to be exceptionally resourceful, tenacious, flexible and skilled at handling a wide range of family and community disputes. So take the first important step. Call now and make an appointment. It may be one of the most important calls you ever make.

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