Mediation can be concluded in a matter of days or weeks.

Intellectual Property Disputes



Stakes are often high in an intellectual property dispute, and the win-lose scenario presented by litigation can be discouraging. Litigation is expensive, time consuming and risky. The majority of cases settle, but only after months or years of expensive discover and litigation. 


There is a welcome alternative. Mediation is one of the most effective means of resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way, whether in the early, middle or latter stages of a dispute or concurrent with litigation preparation. Through the efforts of a neutral mediator, each party can evaluate its claims and risks in relation to those of opposing party and negotiate a win-win resolution. Good faith mediation increases the chances of arriving at a mutually acceptable resolution and is far less expensive and contentious than litigation. And while complex cases generally take years to litigate, mediation can be concluded in a matter of days or weeks. 


Statistically your case is likely to settle.  It makes sense to start the mediations earlier. Some companies are pursuing a duel prong approach to intellectual property disputes. One prong is the typical contentious route of litigation, but the second prong is concurrent mediation. Through this approach business relationships may be repaired and restored.  If the dispute is especially contentious, adverse parties may use separate attorneys for each prong, keeping discovery issues and litigation strategies completely separate from the mediation process. 


The key to successful intellectual property mediation is finding a mediator with specialized knowledge of intellectual property matters. 


An engineer for over 15 years and a patent attorney for seven, Mary Adams-Moe brings to the negotiating table in-depth understanding of the complex issues involving intellectual property disputes. This can be especially valuable when a high-level understanding of a certain technology is required, such as in cases involving semiconductor and laser patents. 


Clients appreciate Mary’s preparedness as well as her innate ability to get parties talking about their business needs and desired outcomes. They also appreciate her understanding of the business ramifications of a dispute. Mary’s career includes experience in large international corporations as well as small, start-up companies. 


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